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XLIII World Congress of Poets will be held from the 8th to 13th of December in 2024 at northern Taiwan.

This year’s theme is “The Life Symphony of Flower”.  In every culture, flower plays an important role in literature, art, philosophy, religion and other categories.  We will pay a visit to a scenery site to admire and gain inspiration from the timeless beauty of nature.  

During the 6-day trip, venues of the congress are set across Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Yilan and Hsinchu.  You can immerse yourself in beautiful recitation while enjoying the charm of local culture.  National Palace Museum, Shifen Old Street, National Taiwan University and other must-see places welcome you to embrace the cultural atmosphere both exquisite and close to life.  As the trip draw a perfect end, on the last evening of the session, we will release sky lanterns together to pray for all mankind.

We sincerely invite you to join the XLIII World Congress of Poets.  With your participation, we believe that the blossom of liberal art will bloom with passion, talent and unlimited vitality.

Book Presentations


Poetry Readings

Poetry Contests and Art Contest Award Ceremony

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About Dr. Yu Hsi

Dr. Yu Hsi is an accomplished photographer, musician, producer, director and writer who has been producing original work for several decades.  His works are steeped with romantic characters and musical spirits, depicting the diversity of humankind.  He has delved into the Eastern philosophy and the masterful use of language in classical literature to create a modern style that is characterized by freedom, wisdom and abundant emotions.  

To learn more about Dr. Yu Hsi:

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