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XLIII World Congress of Poets

8-13 December 2024, Northern Taiwan

    Different culture develops various art forms under common motifs.  Among all motifs, flower is one of a kind.  Flower represents the beauty of nature and embodies both creativity and wisdom of humanity.  This year based on the theme, “The Life Symphony of Flower”, poetic genius of poets from all over the world will bloom extraordinarily. 

    Except for the poetry contests, we hope the art contest might add a tinge of aesthetics to our grand event.  It’s my pleasure to invite you to meet outstanding peers during this 6-day trip, exchange thoughts in literary occasions which can inspire more magnificent pieces, and enjoy the cultural feast full of understanding, love and unity. 


President of XLIII World Congress of Poets

Yu Hsi(Dao Yi)


XLIII WCP  Gallery

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